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 We have move 10 steps up to  M/F. No. 71 Ho Pui Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T. from Jan 1, 2022 (only walk up 10 steps beside the stairs of our old shop) 

We are available to be contacted at any time on 852-24099299, or 24922777 for order.


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Check out our coming products of Daiwa

We are leading retailer and wholesaler in fishing tackle business. With more than 30 years experience, we specialized in the field.

We have much pleasure in launching our own brand "Big Fish Hunter" which is popular in the market and is highly recommended to you.

Rod: It is very light, made of 80% of carbon fibre, and the price is very competitive.

Rod case: easy to carry and light, tidy for putting a lot of small fishing tackle

Hook:made of steel, not easy to be broken, cheap

Nylon net cap: bright colour, net and tidy for putting the net inside.

Fishing Line: with different pounds and hardness, suitable for industrial and fishing uses.

You can find that brand name nowhere.

We experienced a steadily growth each year, we opened a new shop.

Shopping area more than 2500 sq. ft.

Different products e.g. fishing rod, reel, fishing line, float, rod case, cooler & bag, life jacket, rainwear, lure, fishing hook, fishing bait powder and other fishing tackle etc.

Different brand e.g. Daiwa, Ryobi, Shimano, NFT, Gamakatsu, YGK, Duel , Toray, Sanyo, Owner, Yo-zuri, Nissin, Sanyo, Mamiya-op, Tsuriken, Daikoh etc.

We are dealing with more than 2000 kinds of products, and this website showing part of our products

Overseas and local buyers and suppliers no matter small or big quantity, retailing and wholesaling are also welcomed to contact us.

Thank you for supporting us for so many years, and now we have the prmotion to flight against the inflation. 


Discounts are covered all items in the shop. some of them are even up to 30% OFF !!!


As supply is limited, purchase as soon as possible








We are available to be contacted at any time on 852-24099299 for order.
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